Eurostat destaca comportamento da indústria portuguesa II



Ontem tinha havido destaque para o aumento de produção, hoje o destaque vai para o aumento das novas ordens à indústria:


In May 2011 compared with May 2010, new orders for capital goods rose by 17.1% in the euro area and by 16.1%
in the EU27. Intermediate goods increased by 16.4% and 15.3% respectively. Non-durable consumer goods
gained 9.2% in the euro area and 6.9% in the EU27. Durable consumer goods fell by 1.7% and 7.8% respectively.
Total manufacturing working on orders rose in all Member States for which data are available, except Latvia
(-8.9%). The highest increases were registered in Estonia (+62.1%), Bulgaria (+42.9%), Lithuania (+22.6%),
France and Portugal (both +21.0%) (...).

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